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You’ve heard it all before.  “Pit bulls are only kept for one reason…” or “I don’t understand why anyone would want to own a pit bull…” or “only criminals and drug dealers own pit bulls…” or as Representative Vincent A. Pedone, the Democrat from Worcester in the Massachusetts State House so eloquently put it in a 2007 Boston Globe article, “These dogs are kept specifically for fighting or as weapons, and I don't think they have any place in civilized society."

To us here at GDG this seems as silly as saying that all labs are kept to hunt birds, all terriers are kept to kill rodents, or that all mastiffs are kept to guard property or fight alongside our Roman chariots.  We think any person of average intelligence could observe that most dogs in our country do not hold the same roles in society today that they did when their respective breeds were developed in the past.

Aside from famous pit bulls such as Petey, pit bulls that work as search and rescue dogs, pit bulls that work as therapy dogs, and pit bulls that work in law enforcement, where is the proof that pit bulls are kept for anything other than “fighting or as weapons?”  With unsavory characters such as Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, and the Daily Show's Jon Stewart, and Michael J. Fox all having owned pit bulls, what kinds of people own these dogs?  We decided we should look at pit bull owners in our community and see for ourselves.  This “survey” will be cataloged in our “Owner Profiles” page on “Help People. Help Dogs.”