We Believe

A better life for dogs starts with a better life for people, and that a better life for people can be advanced through the human canine bond.

The 3 P’s: A Note to My Fellow Civilians, Veterans Day 2018

Over the last 9 years, I have spent a lot of time volunteering with various veteran organizations, socializing with veteran friends, visiting the VA Hospital with my therapy dogs Liam and Leonidas, as well as teaching a Canine Connections class at that same VA. I have learned a lot about the individuals in the veteran …

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The Loving-est of All Species

Loving v. Virginia June 12th was the 50 year anniversary of the Loving v. Virginia decision that struck down state bans on interracial marriage.  We have often addressed the ways the human-canine bond can be a lens for us to examine social issues we face, and specifically, how we think about breed, and the systems we have …

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Special Pit Bull Relativity

In his journey to understand and explain the true nature of Space-time, Einstein had to overcome intuition and conventional wisdom to get to the truth. “It is not the depth of mathematics that makes Einstein’s special relativity challenging. It is the degree to which the ideas are foreign and apparently inconsistent with our everyday experiences.  …

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