Landshark Week 2014 Day 1

Even though, statistically, sharks pose very little danger to us, if you find yourself in shark infested waters there are some basic skills and knowledge you can learn to increase your safety and chances for survival. Those lessons are best conveyed by experts in diving and shark biology and behavior.  People who swim where sharks may be, would have difficulty staying safe if, instead of expert advice, they spent time on the Internet reading rants written by shark bite victims, or emotionally unstable people who have an unhealthy hatred for sharks.  (IN ALL CAPS AND USING MULTIPLE NAMES AND FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS TO APPEAR TO BE A BIGGER GROUP COPYING AND PASTING THE EXACT SAME COMMENTS CONSTANTLY AND ON EVERY ARTICLE ON SHARKS EVER.) But, fortunately, rational people who want to be safe seek the advice of diving and shark experts.

The haters aren’t anything because they don’t do anything.  They don’t teach anything – no behavior classes, no safety seminars, no public partnerships, no life skills – because they have no expertise, experience or education.   They’re all bluster and no substance. Unfortunately, there is always going to be a fringe of people present who want to attack something that brings meaning to others.  It can be frustrating to see the attention and sensation that fear and hate can garner in the media and other places, but their hot air comes on strong early and burns out fast. They are the Hare Shark to the truth’s Tortoise Shark. The truth runs a steady race and will win out in the end.

The elusive Tortoise Shark, easier to photograph than the even more elusive Hare Shark.

Constant hating and opposing is simply fear in the face of ignorance and desperation amidst a lack of purpose. Don’t let haters define you or suck you in and waste your time opposing their opposition.  Landshark is the cleverest of all species because he doesn’t just stand against something, he stands for something.  There is so much to enjoy about Landshark and there are so many connections to be made with so many different people and so many Landshark enthusiasts (Landshark nutters).  There just isn’t any time to waste on……whoever that is, we’ve already forgotten…